Hello friends and fans!

The name’s Rick Jezek… but you already know that! Chances are the reason why you are here is because you have seen me in a show or film that you like and are curious to know about “that guy”.

Acting is my number one hobby, I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera. I am an introvert and need to be alone every now and then… unless of course I happen to find my future girlfriend! I go to college at Sam Houston State University online as a full time student studying Criminal Justice. I pretty much am allergic to anything outdoors, yes it means grass, trees, weeds, plants, flowers, etc. But they are mild in “nature”. Pardon the pun!

To know anything more about me:

For ladies it requires a date!

For guys it requires a few trips for beer on a friendly basis!

Cheers to all my friends and fans out there! Be well!


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Richard Jezek was born with an American-Czechoslovakian heritage. His grandmother on his father’s side of the family was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia before the country split into the now known “Czech Republic” and “Slovakia” respectively. His father took him to some local “Czech fests” growing up in a mid sized town outside of Houston, Tx. Richard had a hard time growing up in his community outside of Houston, he was subjected to an immense amount of bullying due to his disability known as “delayed auditory processing” and as a result had only two childhood friends.
When Richard turned the age of 10 in the year 2000, his family decided to move to a city north of Austin, Tx. It wasn’t until 5th grade where Richard discovered his like for acting in general. He was “casted” in the lead role of “Larry” in a class play called “Lightning Larry” in the theater arts class at Forest Creek elementary. He also appeared in school television morning announcements as the “Pledge of allegiance” leader on rotation and also operated the video camera used to show the morning announcements on a rotational basis.
Due to the constant bullying, his mother signed him up for “Tae-Kwon-Do” lessons. 
Richard entered the high school scene in 2004 and put his fascination with acting on temporary hold in favor of ROTC. He ended up staying in the ROTC program, going to various competitions to help the program out with some logistical work and support until he was forced out of the program due to graduation in 2008. In Spring of 2008 is also when Richard earned his 1st degree black belt in the “Tae-Kwon-Do” program of martial arts.
Richard took the opportunity presented to him to be a “live performance” haunted house actor shortly during the graduation time frame in which he was an “evil clown” at the haunted house next to then “Hastings” book store in Round Rock, Tx. He performed for one day and went hoarse due to him really getting into the role and scaring others.
Richard first attempted college in the fall semester of 2008 and having to withdraw in the year 2009 due to being academically suspended for not having a high enough GPA and completion rating to continue on that barred him from going back to college until another 6 months had passed. During this time frame; Richard had “seriously joked” with his parents about taking acting a “closer look”.
Reality set in for him, however, and like so many others in the past he did not pursue his secret dream and instead went into the security industry as a way to make some money. 
Things were relatively stagnant in Richard’s life until is late twenties when he decided to take action and turn his life around.
Richard re-enrolled back at Austin Community College where he finally earned his Associates of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with a final GPA of 3.0 in the year 2018. 
At the age of 28, Richard decided to seriously try acting again on a professional level. Not having any formal training in the industry or having any contacts inside, Richard was cast in a supporting role in a student film on his first audition since his last taste of acting in 2008. Due to Richard’s work schedule at the time and the production crew postponing shoot dates, he was forced to relinquish the role.
This did not stop Richard, however and he continued to be auditioned for and cast in other roles. He played a dead body in a student film production titled “Midnight Memoir” (which is currently in post production), and he also portrayed a husband in a local company commercial. He was cast in more short film on-screen roles, however, his job kept getting in the way of having to commit to filming.
Richard quit his security job to focus on college and acting more as his previous job working graveyard shifts were also taking up study time and he had a difficult time balancing out the two.
Richard had auditioned for a student film at the University of Texas just before the “COVID-19” pandemic shut all productions down. This was a major setback for Richard as he was starting to really build some momentum in the industry and had to abruptly stop that momentum.
In late June, Richard was cast in a student film supporting role “No Hope Here” (based on a true story) as Mr. Calliet. 
In early July, Richard was cast in a short film supporting role “What’s Your Number”? as “G” or “John” (a role that is based off of the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy).
Richard is currently back in full swing of auditioning for roles in short films, TV shows to major feature films and will be applying for a talent agency soon.


Name: Rick Jezek
Location: Austin, TX
Primary email: rick@actorrichardj.com
Specializes in: Shorts, Supporting Roles, Main Roles, Live Action Role Play, Improv
Tattoos: None